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China Europe Market Applied Automatic Pay Station manufacturer

Europe Market Applied Automatic Pay Station & Opticial Full Height Glass Turnstile

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ATB Auto Pay Station is particularly adapted to the needs of customers in Central Asia, Central and South America and the United Arab Emirates. This is because in these areas cash payments are made significantly more ...
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We are well experienced, reliable manufacturer working on Automatic Pay stations(applied in Airport parking, high way toll gate),Barrier Gate(1/3/6 seconds),Ticketing systems,Access Control turnstiles,Speed gates.etc.
Quality Control
3 Year Guarantee What do you need to know when buying a turnstile? In terms of the price, is the turnstile supplied complete or are there any hidden extras? AMSEN AUTOMATION units are supplied 100% complete. Control ...
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Address : Factory & Branch Office: 1&5 floor building A, Chen Hua Industry Park, No 55th Lian Tang Rd, San Zhong Qing Xi Town, Dong Guang, China.
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86-755-25776606(Working time)
86-137-02396573(Nonworking time)