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Long Range RFID Reader for VIP and non-stop parking access

Long Range RFID Reader for VIP and non-stop parking access

Long Range RFID Reader for VIP and non-stop parking access

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Asian China Security Product supplier OEM/ODM
Certification: Security access control products supplier
Model Number: AM-RF20

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Security equipment factory price
Packaging Details: Standard export wooden case
Delivery Time: 3-5days
Payment Terms: TT,LC
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Detailed Product Description

AM-RF20 Long Range RFID Reader

System Principle

AM-RF20 RFID reader combine infrared and radio frequency (RF) communications features, complementary to two different frequency channels advantages, transfer mutual information. RF is electromagnetic waves without direction, it is difficult to accurately directed, but with fast speed communication; while infrared has strictly angle positioning, communications is slow; Choose either one of the channel communications is difficult to achieve the desired requirements of the practical application of the parking.

Principle: the emitted reader sends 60 degree infrared scanning signal, an infrared signal is encrypted data contains wake-encoded, machine encoded information; when long range RFID tag enters the range of the infrared signal sent by the reader, it will be awakened immediately to work which emits radio frequency electromagnetic waves with long distance tag code. When the RFID tag sending tag code, at the same time it also sends the RFID reader machine code incidentally to RFID reader; When the reader received the tag code, machine code verification will be done by the reader fist, if the fuselage code matches a valid tag, it will be uploaded directly to the host computer, the inconsistent with the machine code will be directly deleted to avoid the adjacent lanes and the interference with the car''s serial number.

Long Range RFID Reader for VIP and non-stop parking access


⑴ Penetrating: penetrate any metal car explosion-proof film, long range tag placed in the car, do not need to shake the windows automatically identifies induction;
⑵ Directional: using infrared positioning RF transmission dual channel mode, with strict directionality and stability, reader won’t read outside 60 degrees area
⑶ Stability: application of a variety of environmental sensing technology to automatically adjust the signal parameters according to the needs of the environment.
⑷ Adaptability: the reader has a variety of operating modes, according to different application environment, select the appropriate operating mode, such as: outdoor work mode (applicable to open-air car park and the ETC system), indoor work mode (for underground parking) etc.
⑸ Anti-interference: This reader combines machine code verification technology, one with additional machine technology, CDMA technology and so on. It has super resistance quality(even two readers back to back with each other, it won’t cause interference as long as the infrared area does not in superposition ).

(6) Environmental protection: When the reader is not working, the RFID reader and tag do not have Electromagnetic radiation, and will not cause any harm to the human body.
⑺Resistance to cold: in the cold weather, the reader infrared automatically fill temperature, reader signal from climate change and decay.
⑻ Compatibility: the reader with a variety of data transmission format, and is fully compatible with the existing controller system.
⑼ Maintenance: pure industrial grade manufacturing, has super lightning protection functions, circuit-level design has a protective function, work around the clock, no maintenance.

AM-RF20 Reader

Long Range RFID Reader for VIP and non-stop parking access

Receiving frequency: 433MHZ

Send frequency: 38K

Reader angle: 90 °

Means of communication: RS485, Veigand26 Veigand34

Data rate: 9600bps (RS232)

Operating voltage: DC9V ~ 18V

Reading distance: 15 meters

Operating Humidity: 10% to 90%

Operating Temperature: -40 ℃ to 80 ℃

Weight / Size: 4Kg/250mm * 260mm * 65mm (W * H * D)


AM-MT01; AM-MT02;AM-MT03

Features & Parameter

● Energy saving and environmental protection when it’s not active working

● Low standby power consumption, ordinary button battery can be used more than 2 years

● Small & stylish design, easy to carry

● Anti-light, excellent work under the sun glare

● Super permeability, can penetrate all automotive Window Film

Recognition distance: 30 meters
Identify angle: 80 degrees in front
Receive Channel: 38K
Transmit channels: 433M
Communications encryption: encryption algorithm based on Bluetooth
Operating voltage: 2.5 + 3.6 VDC
Standby current: 10 μA
Operating Current: 2 Ann
Battery Specifications: 2032/3 V button cell 2

Long Range RFID Reader for VIP and non-stop parking accessLong Range RFID Reader for VIP and non-stop parking accessLong Range RFID Reader for VIP and non-stop parking access

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